Meaningful relationships are the key to our business.

Deal Sources

Many of us at Grey Mountain have prior experience as intermediaries and as a team we are both buyers and sellers of businesses. As such, we have experienced firsthand the differences between a “good” buyer and a “difficult” buyer. We strive to be the former. To us that means never losing sight of the fact that meaningful relationships are the key to this business. We seek to build relationships with intermediaries, sellers and managers by being:

  • a group that fulfills our promises;
  • transparent with respect to our views, motivations and expectations;
  • efficient with sellers’ and intermediaries’ time;
  • flexible with respect to timing – some situations call for decisiveness and all-nighters and others call for years of patience and our transaction execution teams are equipped to handle both ends of the spectrum;
  • creative when it comes to accomplishing the sellers’ goals.   

Grey Mountain is focused on creating lasting value at our Affiliate Companies. Haggling over contract terms and tinkering with capital structures are not a part of our value creation roadmap. Time and again we have experienced that minimizing transaction-related distractions and building a true partnership with the management team creates exponentially more value than focusing on “the art of the deal.” This belief extends to all parties involved in a transaction, including intermediaries. As a result, we do execute buy-side fee agreements and work with executives in transition in order to ensure fairness for all parties and synchronize everyone’s efforts on the same goal: closing the deal and creating lasting value.

Please visit Grey Mountain’s About Us and Investment Criteria sections to learn more about our investment approach and parameters. To discuss a transaction opportunity or to learn more about a Grey Mountain Affiliate Company in order better understand our add-on acquisition goals and our long-term strategic plans, please contact us at  Many of our most successful add-ons and exits have stemmed from early, active dialogues with sector-focused intermediaries.