We focus all our efforts on creating an environment where planning and execution are done consistently and intelligently using proven methods.

Operational Excellence

The pursuit of operational excellence is not a tagline at Grey Mountain. It is also not an expectation that applies exclusively to the executives with whom we partner and the affiliate companies they manage. It is an ethos that pushes the team at GMP to develop and refine processes, measure results and hold ourselves accountable in order to drive continuous improvement and better serve our affiliate companies and investors.
The firm invests in a variety of industries and transaction types, but the unifying theme amongst Grey Mountain affiliate companies is the potential to create lasting value throughout business cycles by achieving operational excellence. By design, operational improvement initiatives vary depending upon the specific root causes for operational bottlenecks in any given business. By identifying these root causes, GMP affiliate companies prioritize value creation initiatives and leverage state of the art management techniques such as 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen-based CIPs and Lean Methodologies in order to systematically:

  • gain market share;
  • improve profitability;
  • optimize capital requirements;
  • penetrate new markets;
  • develop innovative new products and services; and
  • recruit and develop top tier managers and employees.

For Grey Mountain, the goal is to be best-in-class with respect to our ability to support these value creation initiatives at our affiliate companies.